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(2015 - 2016)

Modular Isotropic Lattice Extruder (MILE)

MILE is a machine for assembly of isotropically assemble-able cubicoctahedra periodic cellular lattices.

US Patent 9,809,977

Joint Interface

Tapered inserts help with alignment, and the locking pin is captive, not external. Pin rotation occurs passively, with motion provided by central locomotion worm gear.

System Components

A modular system is attached to a a gridded support structure. The two universal cartridge types are the driver cartridge and the rail cartridge. The driver cartridge consists of a motor with a worm gear, and the rail cartridge has 4 guide rails to support in all directions.


Proof of concept demonstrating locomotion, passive joint method, and material handling system.

Assembly Strategy

Chains of voxels are brought in and forced together, mating their nodes, which are then locked. The mated lattice elements assist in carrying the chain forward as they are driven by the worm gear.

Hierarchical building system

4-cell minimum, with repeated, modular components to scale out in parallel


6x8 cell extrusion


Parallel extruders can be used for aerospace applications, such as a fuselage.

CBA 2015 Dr. Matt Carney

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