OSR The Open Standard Respirator

(2020 - present)

At the beginning of the 2020 Pandemic I got together with a team of strangers, on a giant Slack channel, and set out to address one of the most pressing issues of the time: the limited supply of high performance air purifying respirators. Ultimately, I raised about $800k to launch manufacturing of the product, and became CEO and co-founder of Open Standard Indutries. Within the first year we launched production with small volume manufacturing and shipped over a 1000 units. Meanwhile we were building out a fully ISO 13485 compliant US-based manufacturing supply chain, with the goal of achieving NIOSH certification for the mask design. Within the first couple of days of the project someone asked me to take lead, and I stepped up to drive our efforts forward. Within the first six weeks our rapid iterative design process converged on a mask we now call the OSR-M1.
The initial launch website (before we realized we needed to drop respirator from the name):

More information is available at the following link. https://openstandardindustries.com

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