(2004 - present)

I love working with metal. High precision machining is an awesome feeling, and sometimes so is just grinding some metal and laying a fat weld bead with one hand while holding a hunk of metal with the other - it is just kind of relaxing.

The first thing I bought with my first paycheck after graduating from CalPoly was a Lincoln 175 MIG Welder. I figured the best way to learn to weld was to buy a machine so I could practice as much as possible. I have slowly built up a decent set of metal working tools in my basement shop.

My friend Jay was living in an artist fabrication machine shop for a few years. It was great, full of mostly broken tools and tons of junk that could be cobbled together into all sorts of fun and dangerous projects. It is definitely not the type of shop I prefer to work in, but it can be fun to huck some parts together. Below are some pictures of projects done both in her shop and my basement shop.

  • A project called woof. Welding on a quadruped built from BMW window regulators and scrap metal.
  • Building freak bikes for the Portland, OR Ben Hurt Charriot Races.
  • Bed stand from said junk parts.

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